I play attack. I don’t play defense

I don’t usually do the “and today I put my socks on!” posts, but:

This eve at skate hockey, I was finally back on form. And by that, I mean I could skate goals into existance, by going hard and fast. There’s something about being right on the edge of traction, balance, lactic acid and oxygen debt, knowing that after this second, you can collapse in a heap but right now, this moment, you have to hold it all together through the overwhelming intensity to get that touch on the puck to get it into the goal.

I am sweaty Jez. This is sweaty post.

10 thoughts on “I play attack. I don’t play defense”

  1. *cough* bollocks to the don’t usually

    You just can’t bring yourself to do the baby talk thing, can you?

    Also – watching a show about aeroplane crashes. British pilot. Cabin was full of smoke, all of the engines had cut out, plane was dropping, they had no navigation equipment. The pilot’s comment – “It wasn’t a very pleasant time.”


    1. Re: *cough* bollocks to the don’t usually

      Also – current music = Swedish One-Arm-In-The-Air-While-Killing-Babies-With-The-Other Psy-Dubstep With Lyrics In Japanese And Some Kittens.

    2. Re: *cough* bollocks to the don’t usually

      Why waste time or breath? Small talk is not on my list of useful things to do.

      As for the great British sense of understatement, I think that pilot summed up the situation succintly. And let’s face it, if one’s going to pop one’s clogs, and there’s vey little one can do abou it, then if one goes down screaming and shouting, one might be mistaken for an American. Then you might end up in the American Heaven, which looks like MacDonalds, as opposed to the British Heaven, which is really rather delightful. It has weeping willows and dappled sunshine.

        1. Re: *cough* bollocks to the don't usually

          Actually, in English Heaven, angels drop down from the sky to deliver freshly brewed tea directly to your punt on the Cam. After all, man cannot live on Pimms alone, no matter how much fruit you put in it.

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