Hot Fuzz, and overhead in Wellington

On the bus this morn:
“If you were a vengeful God, how would you smite?”
“With giant balls of molten puppies.”

Anyway, Hot Fuzz, at the Embassy, 8 pm sunday? Otherwise it is the hell that is Reading.

I’ll go get tickets friday afternoon for , , , , , and . (If you can’t make it, let me know, or there will be stern words and frowning. You wouldn’t like me when I’m frowning…)

Maybes are , ‘ bro. Let me know by friday lunchtime or stay at home and grow mould.

9 thoughts on “Hot Fuzz, and overhead in Wellington

  1. Bzuh? Although Hot Fuzz would be fun, I has no cash for it. I’m willing to sell kidneys to get into 300 though. (Not necessarily my kidneys, you understand…)

    Eww molten puppies…

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