This morning, walking along by a busy road in the rain, head down, hood up, tunes on, I could have been in England. Damn you, Arctic Monkeys!

Except I wasn’t really miserable.

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  1. The first day of rain in (how many) weeks, and the Englishman rants impotently at the weather.


    (i may have ranted impotently as two full buses drove past me and made me late for work)

    1. I don’t think that was a rant, more an observation. So there 😛

      Although last night, I was worrying about the lack of rain and our plantings on the section.

  2. Arctic Monkeys

    “A little taste of home in the antipodes”

    Yes, Wellington, with weather for all seasons (often in the same day). Supposedly we have a high of 21 today (according to the metservice) — I guess everything needs to have a goal.


    1. Re: Arctic Monkeys

      Funnily enough, I just wrote “As a general principle, a strategy without targets is just good intentions and wishful thinking.”

      So strategies definitely need goals. I’m not sure about some other things though.

      1. Re: Arctic Monkeys

        Don’t look at me, it was in ‘s post. (I’m assuming the blame is on the Arctic monkeys bringing their cold weather to the southern hemisphere… Antarctic monkeys would presumably still be sun bathing in the most-of-the-day sun.)


  3. Damn you, Arctic Monkeys!

    Except that this morning was most definitely a Summer in England – it was neither cold enough, nor miserable enough to be an English Winter.

    It was mild enough that I only bothered with a rain hat (to keep the water off my windows, so I could see who was going to hit me as I crossed the road to the bus stop).

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