Pics from Gravity and Other Myths

If you’ve pics of Aeroterra at Gravity and Other Myths, I want them. Contact me for details how. Coz I don’t want another Thunderdome Grudge Match catastrophe. Maybe I should provide smelling salts every time I take my shirt off, coz there seems to be lots of swooning going on in the cheap seats at the back.

Also, yes, I am postwhoring today.

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    1. Re: alas

      Gah. Turns out that I am so *fucking* cool that I am actually invisible to the technological record. This means two things:

      1) You can only find out about the awesomeness that is me by word-of-mouth. I’m so underground, even when I’m airborne.
      2) When the machines rise, I’ll be invisible to Skynet, thus becoming the leader of the worldwide resistance and the last hope for humanity. Also, I get to marry Claire Danes. I think this also means that somewhere along the way, dies. This makes me sad, but knowing her, she’ll go out swinging, finally taken down by a war machine built from Series III Landrover parts.

      It may have been war machines built from Series III Landrover parts that caused Skynet to focus on building robots with a hyperalloy combat chassis, rather than constructing them primarily from rust and boggies.

        1. Re: in the news: Skynet launched

          Yeah, but this is the UK Skynet. Given that the UK track record on large public-sector IT projects is somewhat similar to the Jamaican bobsleigh team’s track record, I doubt we have much to worry about.

          However, given that this is a Public Finance Initiative project, where the UK government ends up not owning the communications for the UK armed forces, there is a slim but non-zero chance that some evil, Enron-style financial genius could end up in effective control of really quite a lot of planes, ships and guns. At least until the Brits notice that their radios are somewhat more broken that usual and go back to the tried-and-true methods of communication on the battlefield, by using mobile phones. (Sad but true.)

          1. Re: in the news: Skynet launched

            ah yes. The Register. crappy/obnoxious layout, but some of the best headlines this side of The Onion

          2. Re: in the news: Skynet launched

            Whenever I want to feel good about the industry I’m in, I just look at The Register’s UK public sector IT news. I mean, on the front page today alone:

            “Home Office threatens illegal immigrants with text messages”
            “NPfIT champion suspended after speaking out
            Fujitsu suspends ‘folk hero'”
            “How to clone a biometric passport while it’s still in the bag”
            “UK councils in email meltdown madness”

            Now, in the UK, the public sector has been gutted and trampled on for twenty years, so anyone with any sense of self-preservation left a long time ago. This was supposed to save money.

            Now, we have an underfunded, undercapable public sector trying to write contracts to get the overpaid and perfectly capable private sector to deliver. It is any wonder those contracts end up a tad one-sided, with a license for the private sector to print money?

          3. Whenever I want to feel good about the industry I’m in


            “I could have been in England… Except I wasn’t really miserable.”

    1. Grandmother, eggs, sucking.

      I’m after pics of just the first piece, wot I was in for the second weekend. So far, flickr has one pic of the first act, from the first weekend. But hey, its the thought that counts.

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