I have stuff to write about, but that requires thinking, so instead, its not-Caturday:

“it’s amazing how quickly a cat’s lives disappear if you have a hammer”
“when an unspeakable horror and a woman love each other very much…”

Also, there’s nothing like carrying a USB drive in your mouth to make you feel like Nimrod, the Mighty Hunter.

Babes with books (NSFW)

B3ta is particularly good today. Okay, these might require thinking:

Memecrash – when memes get so convoluted that you can no longer remember the sources:

Serious nerdcore, in a song:

kill -9

And huge, embiggenable pic of astronauts. But what’s that in the background?

ok, just one cat

10 thoughts on “Randoms

    1. Ooh, sorry. I’m just using a width=640 in my img tag, like its 1997 again, coz that was the last time I had a chance to catch up with the new-fangled technology of the interwebs.

      But hey, at least its a good pic, right?

      1. for some reason the lj code formats your images inside a div .. I have no idea if this is because of the width= attribute, but it ends up sitting under the text of the next posts in my friends page.

        1. Hmm… I don’t get that problem, even when viewing your friends page. Maybe there’s a prob in your config?

          yes, I realise what I’m really saying here is “lalala can’t hear you…”

          1. hmm. that’s certainly possible.. though it only happens with your posts heh. that might be because you’re the only person who specifies a width though.

    1. Hey, it look me, err… days to stumble across all those whilst working REALLY REEALLY HARD HONEST.

      Your access is insufficient. I can tell coz my learnings.

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