I don’t want much. Well, sleep and a house, but I don’t want much I can buy in the shops. However, I miss my Psion Revo, and I’ve had the same phone for umm… 4? years. Hence my swoonage over the Nokia E90.

Why? Coz its got a keyboard, that’s why. I can use it to write coherent messages, nt spk in txt lk sum ppl.

[EDIT – Although I have just bought new hockey skates. They turned up in the post this morning and I am wearing them around the house whilst eating breakfast. And also in the post – my graduation certificate. I like the post this morning.]

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  1. I had this one which had an mp3 player and full keyboard in 2001. I upgraded to my Ipaq which has an onscreen keyboard and writing recognition, but the full keyboard was much better.

    I’m not sure if the E90 keyboard would be easy to use though… the 5510 had the keys separated and spaced just right that you could use each thumb to type.

      1. I was too – but needed a phone and DSE was selling them on special for $249 when almost all phones cost at least $200 – so of course I was like “score!”. I think they didn’t sell to well because they were quite chunky.

    1. Hmm…. no keyboard at all, unless it wants you to have one.

      I like things that have real buttons, wot you can press when it pops up a window like:

      Maybe, if iPhones came with drop-sensors and airbags? Coz I’d probably boot it towards the horizon within 15 minutes.

  2. So tell me, what is the attraction to keyboards? I find those teeny keyboards even harder than other options: I find T9 works reasonably well as long as you use it in conjunction with a brain that recognises which words are unlikely to be in the dictionary. And I hate sms speak with a passion, which T9 doesn’t work with either.

    I lust after the iPhone also, but that’s because I knew that would be Apple’s smackdown move and predicted it years ago when the iPod was first announced. When they finally combined a good mp3 player with a phone, it would be the first time I’d consider getting anything iPodesque, as I’ve had mp3 phones since the very second one I was ever aware of, the groundbreaking Siemens SL45, which I would have happily kept for longer, but then cameras got combined with phone + mp3 and I was happy to have one less thing to carry around 🙂

    1. my needs from a phone are pretty minimal… i barely use the phone i have. but the iPhone does inspire lust in my little geek-heart.
      for the time being i continue to carry a camera, a phone and an iPod. but once the cameras in phones (and possibly specifically the iPhone) get to be of high enough quality, i’d be happy to reduce the number of gadgets i’m carrying.

      and it seems very obvious to me that the touch interface that they have put so much R&D (and patents) into for the iPhone, will be part of the next generation of iPods… which means that Apple is very likely to continue to dominate the mp3 player market

    2. I used to have a Psion Revo. In use, it looked like this:

      It opened out to a big thing (big considering it started tiny) and damn near every part that you could see was either input or output. So it could tell you lots, and you could poke it in many ways so that it did what you wanted it to do.

      Any yes, you could write a lot of text, pretty quickly.

      Alternatively, a quick look at Engadget gives us:

      It doesn’t open up, so to get a tiny keyboard and a medium screen in there, it has to be wide. Err… may I present one of the finest technological advances in the last five thousand years – the hinge.

      Okay, it slides so gets points for increasing its usable area, but useable area is the main thing we’re after, so why make both keyboard and screen smaller than they could be. Also, ugly.

      Its a thing that remains exactly the same size, whether in pocket or in use. I want a thing that’s tiny in my pocket and huge in my hands*. And not an apple.

      * quiet in the cheap seats!

      1. But to answer your question, I like writing. My brain works faster than my fingers, even with a full-sized keyboard. My brain doesn’t want to have to wait for my fingers to keep up. Hence I want fast writing. T9 drives me mad.

          1. Sadly, I’m perfectly capable of solving world hunger, ending global conflict and resolving the incompatibilities between quantum mechanics and general relativity whilst sitting on the bus, but if I wait until I’m sitting in front of a computer, my mind will be an absolute blank.

            This is annoying.

      2. Hey I have a flip phone, I likes it hugely – it also has the benefit of looking like a retro travel camera, so is superawesome. But for something to be small enough for me to be happy to have in my pocket [my phone is TEENY] … it’s not going to be able to fit a keyboard on it Id’ want to try and use. Your maximum size, even with the Almight Hinge [TM] would have to be alot bigger than mine. 🙂

        PS the main reason iPhones are awesome is they have clown fish background. WIN!

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