Wot I am up to

Firstly, can anyone recommend a good sports massage in the Molesworth St/Thorndon end of town? Back rolls to headstands are both silly and bad for the neck muscles.

Secondly, Karapoti this saturday, anyone who wants a lazy day out in the country in the sunshine while I break myself is most welcome. Its up in the Akatarawa’s and looks like this:

Thirdly, main cause of current stress and breakage is this:

Come along, its freeeee!!! I’m only in one of the acts, and that for only the second sessions, but still, argh!

Fourthly, has anyone seen my comfort zone. I was in it, a while ago, but I stepped outside it, briefly, and it seemed to nip off over the horizon pretty sharpish.

3 thoughts on “Wot I am up to

    1. Saturday.


      Also, yes, that last hill is Dopers, bottom gear grovelling for ever, home of the false summit, dragging yourself to the top, turning the corner and seeing the track head on up and up. Crying may occur by this point.

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