Just picked up , , and a million stilt dancers and drummers from the airport, back from their China trip. There will be tales to tell, oh yes.

But not now. Now is bed.

Also, has to leave the house before 7 tomorrow (erm… not that’s today) for a gig in Blenheim. And hockey’s just started as well.

I’m looking forward to winter now, then my life slows down and I can catch up the nippy little sod.

26 thoughts on “Erff

  1. Do we have to duct tape that woman to something to keep her in town long enough to force her to keep a weekend free for us next year?

    Yay for everyone being back safe though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Also

      “duct tape catfight” should return some really cool hits from google.

      But it doesn’t. We may need to rectify this, as a homage to Our Most High Googleness.

        1. Re: Also

          I brought two rolls this year. Next year, I will bring many.

          And for that match, I’ll definitely make sure that someone remembers to take photos. So that umm… to help you critique your aikido techniques. Yes.

          (Actually, that’s one reason why I’d like to see vids of mine. Oh well, next time will have to do it in a burqa.)

          1. Re: Also

            I see your two rolls and raise you the four I brought. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And yeah, next year it’ll be 6.

            (does aikido include some of the things i know you’re thinking?)

            Oh yeah – “Take their mind.”

            As you were.

          2. Re: Also

            Now, I’ve told you before and I’m telling you again. We don’t want any of that kind of filth here. Its wrong, and dangerous to children. Also, its really disturbing and no fun at all for anyone else.

            Begone, foul harpy!

            also, while you’re gone, can you remind Polly to bring my coat tonight?

          3. Re: Also

            You just disproved the theory that as soon as someone thinks of a fetish a website pops up about it. In general this is probably a positive thing for humanity – but yes the internet is incomplete without duct tape catfights.

          4. Re: Also

            As I may have said quite recently, one data point is insufficient. Some dark parts of the interwebs are beyond the reach of even the mighty Google. And that might be a good thing.

            Anyway, give it a year and I can see there’ll be pictures to fill the hearts of all those “fishnet duct tape catfight with sheep in background” fetishists…

          5. Re: Also

            Yeah, I suspect that the seedy underbelly of the internet has many things I’d rather not see. Actually I know it does – some areas of IRC and usenet have become very scary, dark places.

            Hopefully I won’t need pictures of “fishnet duct tape catfight with sheep in background” because I’ll be there in person! ๐Ÿ™‚

          6. Re: Also

            Well, you might need pics to help you remember it in days to come. Or to shock your grand-children, which ever seems like more of a laugh…

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