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  1. Dom Post page A3

    I now have a photo of this (since the paper was 10m from me, and I carry my camera most of the time). Alas, I don’t have the cable to copy it off my camera with me, so I’ll have to copy it tomorrow. (And try to remember to bring one of the four cables I have for my camera in and leave it here, so I’m prepared for next time…)


    PS: I believe for a not-too-unreasonable free you can request actual photographic prints from the Dominion Post, which would give you vastly better than “photo of newspaper” quality. Alas I can’t quickly find anything on http://www.dompost.co.nz/ about it, but calling their main number and asking should put you in touch with an appropriate person.

    1. Re: Dom Post page A3

      Umm, that should read “not too unreasonable _fee_”. IIRC it is/was approximately 50% more than ordering an enlargement of a photo from a typical camera shop. I think they may also have the photos they took, but didn’t use, available, so it might be worth asking about that as well.


    2. Re: Dom Post page A3



      which is the aforementioned photo-of-an-article, now I finally got to where one of my camera data cables is. While a fairly reasonable resolution picture they mainly prove that newsprint isn’t the ideal thing to be photographing…

      But they’re there if you happen to want to grab them. (For a limited time only, hence the /tmp/ in the path.)


  2. ooooh purdy!

    But also: energy policy seminar? this might be too late then, I remember I said I was gonna give you some relevant ebike links last wednesday @ the pub:

    Paper about the ebike situation in NZ:


    Paper about the comparative energy used by ebikes compared to human power alone:


    ebike retailer in Wellington:


    notable about the above site is the warning stated very clearly on the ebike page: “It is presently illegal to ride an electrically-assisted bicycle on a public road in New Zealand, unless it is registered.” Also notable is they don’t seem to have any of the newer sexier ebikes that don’t look like a dinky chinese toy, and that can actually be ridden comfortably if the power assist isn’t functioning for any reason: converted mountain bikes are better than custom ebikes at this stage, though there looks to be some good design coming out of China now, they are still too heavy to compete with converted bikes [see http://www.zbike.com.au for a good example of one of the newer breed].


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