Stilters on TV tonight

So Empress Stilt Dance are off to Hong Kong en masse for the Chinese New Year’s celebrations, including and . I dropped a van-full at the airport this morning (3.30 am, ouch) and that’s not half of them.

They’re going to be on Nightline tonight, TV3, 10.30. Err… I have no TV or video, can anyone record it for me and the stilters?

Also, there’s going to be a live webcast of the parade. I shall have to find out more, and work out how to record that as well.

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  1. Nightline

    ewen@tv:~$ at 22:25
    warning: commands will be executed using /bin/sh
    at> /home/ewen/.bin/recordtv tv3 nightline 00:50:00
    at> <EOT>
    job 1180 at 2007-02-16 22:25


    PS: Being able to log into your tv recording machine from work is very convenient 🙂

    PPS: Probably worth others recording it too, if they can. Better chance of getting a good copy.

    1. Re: Nightline

      I can’t wait till I have money to buy a Hauppage PVR card. The bt848 one I currently have has a stupid tuner that has never played that nicely with linux (it also is comparably very poor quality).

      1. Re: Nightline

        I’m actually using a cheap DSE card (some clone of a LifeView FlyVideo3000, using the saa3174 chipset), which plays nicely with Linux, although is basically just a frame buffer. So I need a pretty fast CPU to do the initial encoding in real time, but I get to run a bunch of “picture tidy up” algorithms before encoding which helps a lot (given good reception I can get “near DVD quality”; TV3 reception is “not bad, but not as good as some” unfortunately). I believe the BT848 is pretty similar (ie, basically just a frame buffer), and IIRC is actually one of the better supported in Linux (although I’ve not used one myself).

        The Hauppage PVR cards (and other similar ones) are “all on card” solutions, so you basically get whatever it can give you, and by the time it comes off the card it’s too late to tidy up the picture or whatever. But OTOH the CPU power required is _much_ lower.

        But that’s probably enough geeking in ‘s LJ for now 🙂


        1. Re: Nightline

          Yeah, the BT848 IS well supported, but the card I have uses a weird tuning chip or something. It works but refuses to tune properly – I probably could get it working eventually but have already spent days upon days fiddling with it.

          Thanks for the info 🙂

          1. Re: Nightline

            Also, there is never enough geeking in my LJ.

            You see, my Master Plan is to get lots of geeks and lots of hot people of the appropriate sex, bang them together and create the Master Race. Then I get to be Godfather of their super-sprogs, and… errr…. Step 3, take over the world!

          2. Re: Nightline

            If you believe Slashdot, then step 3 is always “profit”. But I’m in favour of your Master Plan either way.

            In slightly more topical news, I’ve been through the Nightline recording quickly a couple of times, and don’t obviously see any story on stilting or similar. Do you happen to know what time in the programme it was on? And/or if they pushed it to a different day? (Or, I guess put it on the main news, which I didn’t record.)

            I’ll hang onto the recording at least until I’ve had a chance to go through it more carefully, but it’s not looking all that promising. And if it’s to be some other day I can always speculatively record those (I don’t think I’ve got time conflicts with Nightline most of the week).


          3. Re: Nightline

            Crap. I think the message I got may have been garbled, it now turns out that its entirely possible they were on on Thursday. Oops.

            Thanks for the help still though. And cheers for pics of article.

          4. Re: Nightline

            Okay, definitely not last night (Friday), which contained: Bluff Paua house, Philip Field (MP), Wellington bank robberies, Wallace family (car crash), White Island, a Charles Upham movie in production, fire on a Whaling ship (who it seems may be rescued by Greenpeace — the irony), cancer treatment, Anna Nicole Smith, an “USA Entertainment Wrapup” including Oscar fever and music videos, a piece on dolphins, a piece on synthesiser music (in Wellington), something about an old movie, and the Weather.

            I also don’t obviously see the story in TV3’s news archive:


            for the last couple of days, so if it did play then it was perhaps a small segment as part of something else.

            If you do figure out when it was in the next few days, then it’s entirely possible it’ll be on the website of TV3 or TVNZ. (I don’t think Prime makes segments available online yet.)


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