Entirely subject free, but pics FTW!

For bonus points, WTF is this:

Phrases that you shouldn’t google at work, number 5,000,001 – Nazi Catgirls:

And just no reason at all:

11 thoughts on “Entirely subject free, but pics FTW!”

  1. Indeed it is. We can add it to the list of things not to get into a fight with if they were three times the size they actually are.

    Also, we can add Magagascar to the list of islands/continents where all the large mamals went extinct just after humanity arrived. They may have claws and teeth, but we’ve got sharp stones and intelligence.

    1. Fossas = Kinda wierd, I reckon
      Godly kitten = Likes licking electrical sockets
      Nazi Catgirl outfits, and the lack off = Business Opportunity! (Well, actually no, just search on the interwebs, there are probably many.)

      And the white lion cub is my fave, even though its only cute coz its not big enough to eat people yet.

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