The Great Wellington Cafe Hunt, part ummm… 5?

There was a request for Ernesto’s, which was the Crazy Lounge, then was awfull, and now has been subsumed into the huge pulsating ever-expanding brain the rules from the centre of Cuba Street that is the Havana/Fidel’s nexus. So, how about there? Corner Cuba & Guznee, here is a map if you’ve never been to Wellington before.

“Computer games don’t affect kids. I mean, if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we’d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music.”

2006 Census is out. How goes our plans to take over the world? Numbers of Nature and Earth Based religionoids in 2001 – 5862. Number of Wiccan & Nature and Earth Based religionoids in 2006 – 5835. Goddammit, we’ll never take over the world at this rate.

5 thoughts on “The Great Wellington Cafe Hunt, part ummm… 5?”

  1. I put myself down as ‘no religion’ (much to the disgust of those who would swing the census results), because to me, what I do is not about religion and I’m honest.

    Also, yes, I’ll be at the cafe and am gonna post it as a meetup for various books I must return, so please don’t change it at the last minute. 😉

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