World War II, in picatures

note – this is total post-whoreage



Also, NZ scientists in the BBC – Drilling through the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, through the sea then into the ground below, from a drill rig balanced on the ice. Hardcore. Also usefull. Ice shelf the size of France, has disappeared before, will do so again.
And, climate change sceptics, put up or shut up.

7 thoughts on “World War II, in picatures”

  1. That’s what you get for trying to give kitty an E.
    And I blame David Copperfield for the disappearing ice shelf. He’s trying to outdo his disappearing Statue of Liberty trick.

    1. Its not disappearing. Its just hiding. In the ocean. And its a big fat f.cker, so there will be repercussions. You know when stupid cats hide only their head and not their tail and get bitten on the arse big the big scary dog? Yeah, its like that.

      Just like that.

        1. Yes. The ice shelf will get bitten. Not by foreigners, but by a big dog called “Global Warming”.

          However, as all that ice falls into the ocean, it will cool it down, thus ending global warming Once And For All.

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