Horse stance?

So today we had keen young sensei. Who made us do horse stance whilst stretching arms and wrists. And this being aikido, its all arm and wrist locks, hence much stretching.

Horse stance? The main defensive move in aikido is to offer your opponent tea and biscuits. You don’t need strong quads to pour tea, dammit!!!

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    1. Re: heh

      Yup, its true. Also, the main, indeed the only, offensive move in aikido is to incinerate your opponent by causing the Sun to go supernova. This causes a big of a mess (extinction of the human race, sterlisation of the Earth’s surface, boiling of tea and melting of biscuits, chocolate ones away), so we tend to focus on the defensive moves in our training.

      1. Horse stance has been a favourite of almost all of the instructors I have had. As with anything, the more you do of it the better you get. Of course, it really sucks while you’re in the process of getting better =/
        Make sure you’re doing it properly too =P There’s always the temptation to not go down low enough but that really defeats the purpose =P
        I don’t quite remember the correct definition of horse stance, I could show people quite easily, but describing it is a little difficult. Basically, you stand with your feet double shoulder width apart facing out slightly. Then you sit into the stance so your knees are at about a 90 degree angle. Your body should be perfectly upright at this point. Umm.. Foot position is interesting, you should be able to see your toes from over the front of your knees. And as my shaolin kempo instructor told me once, if you can’t balance a teacup on your knee while doing it then you’re not doing it right (this also applied to crane stance – oh that was evil..)

        1. Gosh.

          Thanks for that. I also googled for pictures.. wow! I guess the name comes from being -on- the horse rather than -being- the horse.

          *tries it* Ooh, ouchy to try and maintain that for long. It does feel very stable though.

          It might help when serving cups of tea if your table doesn’t have any chairs… 😉

          1. Re: Gosh.

            Aah! The method behind the madness is all revealed.

            I could just get some traditional Japanese folding chairs though, to go with the traditional Japanese whacking stick and the traditional Japanese poking stick.

        2. hmm

          ours is not so low that you can balance a teacup on your legs but it is stilllow.
          and i suck at it.
          and fear it.

          butbutbut if i can get myself over running [which is happening] then i can beat this too.
          : /

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