Jez & Andrea’s 2nd annual PARTY WITH SCIENCE!!!

Some ideas to get you started:
Demonstration of the motion pathways of the human body in response to aural stimulation!
Transduction of oscillating electromagnetic waves into longitudinal ambient pressure waves!
An investigation into the effects of ingestion of pharmacologically active substances!
Experiments in the nucleation and solidification of dihydrogen monoxide!
A full scale, working particle accelerator!
The world’s first anti-gravity device!
Cold fusion – it really works!
Giant radioactive kittens!
GM cake!
WOW!!!!! TRULY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sat November 11, 8pm onwards
6 Cardall St, Newtown
* Publication in international journal guaranteed, or your money back

20 thoughts on “Jez & Andrea’s 2nd annual PARTY WITH SCIENCE!!!”

    1. Hmm, which test to you use to work out if your party is statistically significant?

      Jez would go for the tea test, but I’d prefer the least squares method, possibly also with a dirty great ‘ANOVA the next day.

      That’s not even funny. I’ll shut up now.

        1. damn, I replied before reading the other comments. I’m so disappointed. I don’t know whether I’m disappointed that he made such a bad joke, or that he made it before me.

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