This evening

So, where are people meeting up tonight? Given that some of us were investigating alternatives to Katipo, was a conclusion reached?

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    1. I’m not…It’s almost like Dave’s altering Katipo specifically to get rid of us. it doesn’t make good business sense to change things that are going to drive away a group of people that spend a large amount of money on things like beer and…uh…beer in the hopes of attracting a group of people who may or may not actually appear in the future times.

      Plus Dave’s creepy, and the cheap beer and fries thing was the only real pro to the whole place. I can make good coffee at home.

      1. i really don’t think that there is an *almost* in there.
        i believe that he assumes that he can wreck everything we liked about the place and that we will still go out of loyalty while he wins over New Customers.

        And as any business can tell you, old customers do Not like being taken for granted.

      2. I suspect Dave believes he’s doing himself a favour. He’s often griped about people who hang around and don’t spend money – I think what he thinks is that if people who hang around a lot (like us) leave, then those tables will magically temporarily fill up with people who will buy a meal, then leave. Then someone else will come in and fill said table, buy food, then leave.

        Only .. Katipo’s just not that nice. He wants to make an upmarket café without actually spending any money … good luck with that.

        So what I’m saying is yes – he’s definitely trying to drive us out. *shrug*
        I don’t know about the new menu, but with stuff like smoothies being $7 now, I could easily spend less money on a higher quality beverage elsewhere.

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