The Assault on Truth and why you didn’t just punch a postmodernist in the face

whereupon I get a bee in my bonnet.

Conspiracy theories are helping George W. Bush. They assault the idea that there is a truth*. When George pits his words against the facts, anyone who denys or even suggests that there cannot be facts is on George’s side.

A more detailed statement of this argument.

And, as we all know, if you’re not on George’s side, then you’re with the terrorists, and you approve of slaughtering children, stamping on kittens and being rude to old ladies.

*As do postmodernists, moral relativists, revisionist historians and frankly, quite a few people these days. And it may well be true if you’re talking about interpreting literary texts, but try this fun experiment with postmodernists. Punch them in the face. And when they claim that you punched them in the face, say you didn’t, and that their claims are merely subjective metanarratives and thus no more valid than your own claims that you didn’t punch them in the face.

4 thoughts on “The Assault on Truth and why you didn’t just punch a postmodernist in the face

  1. Ah, but they’re so much fun!

    Especially the ones that require you to hold to the ‘It must be true, I saw it on the Internet’ school of thought. I know, sadly lots of people are ‘hook, line and sinker’ folks. But, would these people be able to tell the difference between truth and spin anyway?

    In fact, now I think about it, life must be very confusing for people who believe everything they hear/see/read without checking the facts. It must be equally confusing for those who disbelieve out of hand..

    Me, I just find them funny and try to avoid being too serious about it. If you try, you can come up with a conspiracy theory about anything.

    Thanks for the link. Interesting reading.

    Have you seen ‘Office Space Wars’? There’s a great parody of the printer scene on there.

    *goes to stomp on some kittens*

    1. Re: Ah, but they’re so much fun!

      And they make such lovely popping noises!

      Obviously Tatjna is an alien, whose strange metabolism feeds on the popping noises from kittens. How can you deny the evidence in front of your own eyes!

      1. Argh, snapped!

        I have been exposed. Now I must return to my evil masters (who, incidentally, are also responsible for John Campbell, Britney Spears and the resurrection of 80’s fashion), and report my observations of lj members so they can most successfully apply their sinister mind control techniques, forcing you all to unwittingly vote for Destiny Church in the next election, bringing about the downfall of civilization as we know it.

        And as a sideline, they breed kittens

  2. Punch them in the face
    I do this to epistomologists…Did the punch hurt? Then it must be a real event and therefore knowledge has been imparted…Matrix theories my curvy white 455…It’s fun!

    being rude to old ladies
    I’m rude to everyone, so why should the old ladies be special and have me be nice to them?

    And I have special treadless boots for kitten-stamping, they’re a bugger to get out of the tread of my army boots…

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