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The menus at Katipo have changed. No more bar snacks after five pm, i.e. no chips, wedges, toasties or nachos. Its expensive meals only.

Well, after some consultation and discussion between Dave and several customers, its announced that the 5 pm rule is more of a guideline, and a flexible approach will be taken.

36 thoughts on “Katipo Menu”

    1. Well yes. Yes it is.

      So if there isn’t sufficient flexibility, I suggest we decide where else.

      What time is the central library cafe open until? I’d ring and ask, but its far too early for them.

      1. They don’t do fries etc. and is only open until about 6. Le sigh.
        Dave needs to Not Be at Katipo any more ever. Or the BathHouse should get their kitchen working quicker. Or maybe both?

        1. Where else is around there?

          Lido gets too busy and not enough chairs.

          Felix is too stark and noisy.

          Place that used to be city limits?
          What’s becoming of the real eath cafe?
          Where else?

          1. Maybe we could start our own cafe? A members only speak-easy type place with a slot in the door and a large bouncer to let people in and out? And we can steal the people from Katipo to work for us.

            Stupid Dave ruins everything. Including Christmas.

      2. Oooooh, good idea…. I’ve been thinking of jumping on the boycott bandwagon for a while now. There are a couple of maybe suitable places (Ernesto’s etc.), but quite honestly they’re too far away from Metro for my liking. I’m going to ask the internet…..

  1. Thats really stupid , bar snacks is where your bread and butter is and whilst i see that he may percieve more lucrative returns in expensive meals im not entirely sure it will keep his main client base ( students and people that like snacks ) happy . And with that said , if his client base is peeved im not entirely sure that he will have people to eat said expensive meals .

    1. Yeah. he’s trying to go upmarket, but its just not an upmarket place.

      Its a 20 of us on a friday night getting booze and snacks place.

      So I vote we continue as before, see how flexible he is, and have a backup plan.

          1. Used to be the Purple Onion, then became the Argentinian Steak House for a while. Opposite what used to be Krazy Lounge.

            It looks a bit wanky from the outside but could be ok as there’s lots of room in there.

          1. I’d certainly be keen for a change, and that sounds okay .. haven’t had a look at it though. Dave’s been trying to drive us out for a while now, I think he perceives that we don’t spend enough money given the amount of time we spend in Katipo. Of course, it’s not like people would replace the seats we leave empty most nights 😉

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