Weekly randomness

Walrus plays peek-a-boo:

You can find everything on the net, even comments from someone who claims to have snogged Polly Jean Harvey, which I’d have kept quiet about myself, for fear of having my legs broken my enraged fanboys. Apparently, too toothy.

I just like Kimonogirl’s heading

Word of the week – “metallosupramolecular”

From a post on being green:
“I used an obsidian knife to clean the road kill antelope on 267. The meat is drying in the sun. Gonna drive the Suburban up and fetch another when the time comes.” – I think that’s sarcasm. I hope that’s sarcasm.

“Denmark’s animal bordellos reportedly draw Norwegian clients” Argh! You sick f.cks! SFW, though not safe for kittens.

Beedogs! Why?

Work email replies that I’m not allowed to send, part 18356, in response to:
> There are now over 200 ring binders ready for use in the cupboards in the
> Lecture Room. Please help yourselves
“Can I take them all and use them to build a castle in my office?”

8 thoughts on “Weekly randomness”

  1. metallosupramolecular

    this is my favourite:

    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
    Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    Self-Assembly of an Interlaced Triple-Stranded Molecular Braid with an Unprecedented Topology through Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition
    Volume 44, Issue 25, Date: June 20, 2005, Pages: 3864-3867
    Xin-Jun Luan, Yao-Yu Wang, Dong-Sheng Li, Ping Liu, Huai-Ming Hu, Qi-Zhen Shi, Shie-Ming Peng

    1. Re: metallosupramolecular

      Ooh, fancy-pants.

      I like polyimides right now, purely for the fact that they are plastics that mock other plastics and kick sand in their eyes by remaining unfazed by 400C temperatures:

        1. Re: metallosupramolecular

          Yeah, its like a competition for who can add make the strangest polymer without a saturated carbon in the backbone.

          I still think they need to get a phosphorous and a silicon into the backbone as well, just for the hell of it. And maybe a boron, just for showing-off.

          1. Re: metallosupramolecular

            Are you just saying that cos I’m trying to make a silicon-substituted phosphine-borane at the moment and failing miserably?

            I think they should add niobium, everything’s better with niobium.

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