Goodies discovered during a distracted weekend

No idea who I was telling about it, but The Exile. We read it for the articles and thank the Russians for their lax libel laws.

Continuing my selection of the choicest retro-styled, psychadelic, fast-twitch shoot-em-ups, may I present Grid Wars 2:

But this is a game in disguise. Its really a strategic herding and farming game. Its a very fast RTS.

Manga engineering – huge Russian ekranoplans (half plane/half ship). 500 tons, 400 kmh, ten jet engines. Sadly/luckily now sitting rusting on youtube.

Just No! Jet-powered Sinclair C5 – I’d say it keeps the population down, but its not the engineers that we want to get rid of.

7 thoughts on “Goodies discovered during a distracted weekend”

    1. Shock horror! Computer game copied! That’s never happened before.

      Yeah, it is exactly the same, but seeing as I have a) no Xbox 360 and b) no TV to plug XBox into, its not as if M$ are loosing sales by me playing Grid Wars.

  1. I <3 Russians

    “How is it that Moscow’s clubs and restaurants are able to stock your favorite booze at the old prices, while in supermarkets, the price has skyrocketed? Yasha Levine slurs…”


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