Its 9am, I cycled in hence I’m annoyingly hyper and have already done half a dozen things since I got here, including getting my second-biggest report of the year to the typesetters. So, its time for intarwebulation:

GPS, MTB, Wellington

Serpentes on a shippe

Cows with accents. From Summerset, of course.

Bloody immigrants! Oh hang on, its true, there’s facts and everything.

When science policy documents go wrong:

“Substantial capital requirements are needed for the intended purchase of initial research materials, including large amounts of the oxides of the elements odium and tedium.”

“Science is like drilling for oil. You don’t know what’s down there until you drill, and each hole costs millions. And that’s why we’ve given up on this new-fangled petroleum business and we rely for transportation upon our dependable friend – the horse.”

6 thoughts on “Interwebulation”

  1. i have managed to read 3.5 journal articles on financial intermediation so far today. my brain is seeping out my ears.

    also i find myself being reallyreally nice to customers because while i’m talking to them i’m not reading articles that seem to mostly consist of equations i don’t know how to read

    [tinnytiny violin]

        1. Try to find, on the interwebs, a picture of the baby Jesus, drawn as a kitten, crying for your sins.

          Coz that would officially be the cutest thing ever and would make bad people do good things for the sheer thought of baby Jesus kitten crying.

          Me, I’m off to ride my bike, then do lots of chins, then go to aikido.

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