Quick broadband question for Wellingtonians

Old place had Telecom+Orcon. Orcon great, Telecom donkeys nobs.

New place has Saturn/TelstraClear thing. Should we go with that over Telecom?

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  1. reasons to NOT go with telstraclear.
    * talking to them. at all. ever. terrible service.
    * having to choose between paradise and clear. ffs, don’t use clear for email. paradise are arrogant sods.
    * the installers are nice guys, but you’ll have to put aside half a day to see them. they usually don’t put any effort into hiding cables, as you might have noticed from the prominence of their overhead wires. but it’s already installed so that’s not a worry.
    * the cable modems do not have any NAT features at all. they are designed to be plugged into one PC only. check if your Asus all in one thingie has a WAN port that can have a network cable plugged into it. otherwise you’ll need to add a router to your network, something like this.
    * that means that your previously slick all in one Asus network in a box will need to have two extra boxes hanging off it. con – more wires. pro – more flashing lights.
    * costs more for bulk downloading. the orcon autosense plans are nice.

    advantages of telstraclear.
    * higher upstream and downstream speeds.
    * not telecom.

    advantages to orcon.
    * have recently expressed an interest in buying ihug. that’s like good company that does good things + good company that does good things = strong independent voice that isn’t held into the telecom/telstra/vodafone monopolies.
    * have been driving local loop unbundling lobbying.
    * will have nekkid dsl.

    1. Problems with Orcon – my colleague Luke who has had rubbish service from them for the entire tenure he’s had, if only because they’ve never escalated his issue to anyone. (he’s had 30000 odd connections in 3 months, because it just keeps dropping him, but noone ever seemed to be interested in helping).

      Problems with DSL. Telecom – they’re just rubbish. DSL is still _much_ slower than Cable, and there is a much higher amount of people per exchange on DSL, resulting in more latency and lower speeds.

      Cable is _faster_ and cheaper. I get 4mb/4mb/20GB for $59.95 per month, and I don’t have to rent a phone line through them if I don’t want.

      Dylan’s definitely right about the talking to them ever thing though .. it’s a special kind of misery.

      1. Oh, one more downside to expand on what Dylan put – with regards to the NAT / security thing, the Telstra guys set the modem up in such a way that puts your pc right out in the open dmz. Wa-hey, great way to get infested, if you’re a PC user.
        The Linksys Cable/DSL routers are fantastic.

      2. See now, I’ve never had any trouble with their customer support – when we moved there was no trouble in getting the new place hooked up, when Darren left changing everything to my name was done in a matter of minutes, when we got their magical interweb service it was easy to sort out over the phone [and Polly says the techinician who hooked it up was all good too].

        I think the moral here is to let your womenfolk make contact.

        1. The level of support I’ve received has been satisfactory .. I just really hate their stupid voice system. Actually, once I did manage to get through to the right people, they’ve generally been pretty helpful.
          Unfortunately phone is the only way to get support from them .. and being that we don’t have one, and have dodgy cell reception .. yeah well, makes it interesting 😉

          1. I hate voice systems too, they make me feel like a fool. :/

            Oh, that reminds me, I have to get in touch with them about my bro using one of the built-in email addresses we’re supposed to have [Polly and I don’t use them so we just ignored that bit]. I hope they don’t make a liar of me. 😛

    2. The guys that install it did actually go through the effort of hiding the cables in my room, you don’t even notice I have the modem.

      Best router, http://www.ascent.co.nz/ProductSpecification.aspx?ItemID=345759

      After going with ihug before, I will seriously never ever use them again

      At any rate, cable is much better

      And yes Telstra are asses but eh who isn’t (plus you can swear at the their automated phone thing and it doesn’t know what your on about, I haven’t done that before of course…for too long….*cough*)

  2. We have Saturn/Telstra. It’s been very reliable and is reasonably priced, but their interface for enquiries sucks balls and when you need help they book you in for ‘a week or so’s time’.. also, lately we’ve been plagued with short outages – maybe 10 in the last 6 weeks as opposed to 3 in the previous 2 years.

  3. i have only used Telecom so far and it blows chunks.
    speed is inconsistent. connection is lost a couple of times per week, requiring restart of modem, which then fucks with DNS for exorsus.net

    if i could, i would give Telstra a try, but they won’t reach up to our flat.

      1. yes. which is close enough for my purposes to being Telecom.

        another reason i would have liked to go with Telestra cable is then i could drop the landline that i am required to have by Telecom/Xtra

        1. Our package requires you to have a landline. But, I think the packages vary – we just went for the best value in terms of what you get vs what you pay.

          1. Telstra don’t show any options on their website with regards to dropping a phone line – but it’s certainly possible, you just need to organise it over the phone.

            Their website is pretty bloody useless really, and a bit recursive too.

            Still, definitely the best provider I’ve been with _hands down_

        2. well, the service from xtra is terrible in comparison to other isps like actrix and orcon. if you’re not bounded by a contract then you might want to switch. you’ll get static ip address and more traffic a month for less money.

          if you go with someone like orcon then you can get those things and switch over to nekkid dsl when it’s available – removing the phone service from the line.

          1. of course at the end of the day, you’re still going through telecom. you’ll still experiencing shaping on voip calls, you’ll still have the too many people connected to the exchanges, and you’ll still have some faults that only telecom will deal with.

            until unbundling, but that’s a year or two off yet in reality.

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