Until your arms fall off

Aerials training, 5-7 pm tonight at Karori.

Climbing tuesday, Fergs, 6 pm.

Cheers to those who helped us move half our house yesturday, we’ll be doing the rest this saturday coming, any help greatly appreciated, then saturday evening, quiet drinks at our new place in Newtown, quiet coz we might not be able to find where the beer went.

14 thoughts on “Until your arms fall off”

          1. First says she only bites ankles, and not those of Folks Wot Provide Bones N Stuff. She also added something about how you’ve never given her any bones.

            Also, I am Unrepentant. And good luck for tomorrow. Your visual disability may provide you with some leeway in brain-testing.

    1. Indeed we are. And if you came around to Wright Street, say on saturday during the day, we could show you exactly where our new place will be. And also you could carry stuff.

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