I’m going to be putting in an order soon to the T-Nation store. Mmm… Power Drive, Spike and other brain food. Anyone want anything and we’ll save on postage?

Secondly, we are moving this saturday and next saturday, from Wright Street to Newtown. Help will be greatly appreciated and favours can be redeemed from 1 pm tomorrow.

[EDIT – Today I just got my first ISBN! Woot!]

6 thoughts on “Organisation”

  1. so you’ve been liking the Power Drive? hmmmmm thinks thoughts about the candy. i mean protein bars.

    i have cleaning things up at the house sitting tomorrow morning/midday but I might be able to help a bit later? let me know.

  2. What’s an IBSN?

    And someone just gave me a bottle of Spike, so I’m sorted, thanks. May be able to help tomorrow, depending on weather/sheep vagrancies.

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