Coz there ain’t no party like a Mt Cook party

As several have expressed interest at the size and potency of my equipment, we shall have to go for a cruise. We will be sipping gin and juice1, hanging our thang out the window of the Mercedes Benz, turbo popping, subs bumping, laydeez jumping. Or some activity of that ilk.

However, I suggest that we do this later in the year, when a) the laydees won’t get frostbite, and b) I will be able to partake of discresionary leisue activities and not be quite so overcommitted.

1 – But I’ve never known what kind of juice? I’m partial to pineapple, but you’d think that an original gangster would use freshly-squeezed baby juice.

Also, does anyone have a small glitter ball with a magnetic base that we can attatch to the roof inside the van? And a UV strobe and twenty metres of arctic white fake fur? Coz I feel this jaunt should be most furry.

11 thoughts on “Coz there ain’t no party like a Mt Cook party”

  1. I happen to carry a small glitter ball in my car, and own some 3M hooks which were purchased precisely for hanging glitter balls from ceilings. I could be of some assistance to you.

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