Oop ‘ill

For those of you who partake in the fine, white, expensive stuff, you probably don’t want to hear how good today was, so I’ll just tell you the bad stuff instead.

Turoa is apparently icy as, no t-bars today and the Jumbo is seriously borken.

At Whakapapa the top cafe had burst pipes so no water there at all. The Far West cafe had a very limited selection of chocolate. The Far West t-bar wasn’t going today, and the excess of snow has filled in, or at least rounded off lots of the terrain under the West quad. There are very few rocks so if you’ve an old pair of skis that you want to trash then you’re better off getting someone with a car to tow you up the Bruce Road in them. Today there was a high risk of sunburn, leading to certain death. There were bugger all queues too, so your legs would have gotten very tired.

Hmm… notes Thirstygirl’s comments on hubris… Ploughs on regardless…

3 thoughts on “Oop ‘ill

  1. *pokes out tongue*

    Yes yes, I know. I ballsed-up my prediction of the weather. Chalk it up…

    However, I feel virtuous as all get-out for being good and going to work. Stocking up on karma for later in the season, you see.

    Reading between the lines, you had an awesome time, didn’t you? Nice.


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