While Wellington has another Antarctic southerly, spare a thought for the Northern hemisphere:

Europe has another heat wave. The last one, in 2003, killed 20,000 people. Whoops.

So obviously, the solution to global warming is to put all the nations on floats, and move them north or south, depending on what particular weather they want that week. You could even vote on it – sunnier for the school holidays, or colder for a better skiing season.

Clearly, there’d be extra problems with pirates, but nothing that couldn’t be solved by dropping an office block on them.

How could this idea possibly fail?

3 thoughts on “BBC-filter”

    1. Yes, it IS a fantastic plan and far more realistic than the other, which just involved using less oil and coal. I mean, come on, that’s just not going to happen.

      Putting entire nations on floats made out of used plastic bottles, however, that might just work. And, its Environmentally Friendly because we’re reusing all those plastic bottles that would otherwise get thrown away.

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