Now I’m here, just to fit in

I tell you, this country’s going to the dogs. They let anyone in these days, especially all those bloody asians. Coming over here and having babies and working hard at school and getting lots of qualifications and becoming doctors and lawyers. Its the end of society, I tell you!

And the bastard Yanks. If they don’t like the States, then go and live in Iraq. You’ve invaded the bugger, its yours now.

And the Poms, they’re the worst. Bad cooking, bad teeth, bad manners, all they ever do is moan about the weather. Well, piss right off back to where you came from if you don’t like it here.

And as for all those bloody Aussies, if its the lucky country, then why don’t they stay there, eh? Too busy stealing traditional Kiwi jobs like pulling pints in Hammersmith. They’re all descended from convicts, you know. And they’re so bloody racist, those Aussies. I’m glad we’re not like them.

14 thoughts on “Now I’m here, just to fit in”

  1. You know? I know SFA Australian imports. Most of the ditch-crossing seems to go the other way.

    But, not bad for a first attempt. Keep practicing.. 😉

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