As has been mentioned…

Ruapehu had a foot of powder. However, it was covered with an inch of ice. Off-piste, the ice was continuous, not patchy and smooth on a board-length scale, hence you could reach warp speed with nothing holding you back but an invigorating buzz and the fact that if you fell over, you’d be falling onto concrete.

And then there was the sections with a half-inch icy crust, which was perfectly ridable if you could keep your weight perfectly centred. Too far forward, nose of board punches through, you stop and land on face. Too far back, tail of board punches through, you slow rapidly, weight transfers forward, you stop and land on face.

Meh, don’t like this face much anyway.

In other news, we love soft shells. Warm, water proof, wind proof, breathable and stretchy/snug. $200 from Ground Effect:

Turned the stereo up to 22. You could feel the sub everywhere. It goes up to 40. I’m not trying it, but Bassbin Twins would be the track for it.

looks hot on blades, but you could have probably guessed that.

And, we’ve had too many cute kittens, so instead, cats that look like Hitler:

10 thoughts on “As has been mentioned…”

  1. 3 things

    a) soft shells. Oh, I do drool. I have an -excellent- ski jacket that I got in Norway, buuuut, I’d still love one of those, for those “it’s not -40 deg C” days..

    b) stereo goes up -past- 11? wow, now that’s just excessive.

    c) bassbin twins? please tell me I have that somewhere.

    while I did miss out (and boy, I felt it), I’m just glad that people I really care about are having an awesome time. That rocks.

    1. Re: 3 things

      a) This being Ruapehu, it was bang on zero and raining.
      b) Yes, its excessive. And that stereo used to be in a Honda Civic.
      c) Evil 9, Y4K mix, track 9ish. After Stone Lions and Serge Santiago.

      1. Re: 3 things

        I think softshell is a better option for NZ conditions (where it tends to have wind chill, but not actual cold)

        and nope, don’t have that track. darn (got a link? how big is it?)

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