Its not palm-clappy time

Vic thinks I got a B.


There are going to be discussions.

[EDIT – they failed to round a number. Now its a B+. I’m happier, but still…]


And how to stop terrorism – marry terrorists.

9 thoughts on “Its not palm-clappy time”

    1. I’ve a nagging feeling that that’s the Black Sea, coz that’s a Russian Typhoon and I think they were only stationed there and north of Norway. That really doesn’t look like the Arctic, although those Russians are a hardy bunch.

      But yes, its one of those hwtf pics.

      1. heh, actually I meant the “marry a terrorist” article 🙂

        you know, I looked at the pic, and didn’t even see the sub until later? I guess I’m just so used to them being in my sunbathing areas.. too much time in the uk/norway, I suppose…

          1. So its true! Auckland has its own nuclear deterrent and you were about to find out when you were subtly diverted…

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