Look Around You

wins by for ever, although assistance was provided by the speediness of her internet connection.

10. – You can tell its England from the road markings, Cavendish Road in Cambridge, where A&I lived before here.

13. – More England, just down the road from above. This is down Mill Road, a scummier end of town. Town side of the railway is yuppieville, past the railway is studentville. A&I lived in one of those terraces before I went to Japan. The population density means you can walk everywhere. The density also means that people get into vicious fights over parking spaces, including slashing tyres and breaking windows.

14. Park Ave in The Mumbles, Swansea, which no-one would recognise, but I put it in coz it looks a bit like a cock. And it was by the seaside.

16. This was tricky. Its a rocket, a Japanese H-2, except there’s a total lack of the usual rockety surroundings, which are generally flat and blast-proof. So obviously, its a model of a rocket, a big one. Where’s one of those? Outside the International Cultural Centre, Tsukuba Science City, Japan. As any fule wud no.

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  1. I figured the last one was in Tsukuba too and something to do with rockets, but my Google Earth fu failed me (ie i got bored looking for it).

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