Coz of today’s dissappointingly slack contribution from and in lieu of any more bombshells from , you get to be treated to what’s on my mind. Strangely, its not Jake Gyllenhaal:

New Zealand’s very own Uranium Rush!!!. It wasn’t very big.

Why companies do better than governments. Coz companies tackle the easy problems and governments the hard problems. And that’s how its supposed to be.

The economics of petrol. In short, prices go up, people use less. And moan about it lots.

Craigslist makes money and always has done; Amazon lost an astounding amount of money and is barely breaking even. Some people very upset by Craigslist’s approach. Boss of Craigslist not too fussed.

WoW guild names: “My little Pwnies

[EDIT – ah fvck it, kittens:

11 thoughts on “Randomness”

  1. ahh, such cute names.. and yet another thing that makes me think “hmm, maybe I should renew my wow account..”

    I swear the universe is conspiring against me (and my productivity)

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