Despite all the snuggling into multiple duvets, there’s one part of me that still gets cold. Not my head, you’d be surprised at how warm two millimetres of hair is. Yup, its the back of my neck.

There’s only one solution – I’m going to grow a mullet.

yes, this is in direct response to all the people impressed by me – stop it, you’re creeping me out

6 thoughts on “Erk”

  1. On another topic entirely I feel I should let you know about the great big Times world atlas we have for $99.99 at work that are going really really fast. ‘Cos you like maps and stuff.

    1. You’re a bad person, to tempt me so.

      Also, my ideal maps would be infinitely thin, so I wouldn’t have to carry around/look after a bloody huge book.

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