The incredibly hard lyrics quiz

‘s is too easy. So how about some where even google can’t help you.

err… it wasn’t a Number 1:
Can’t get a hit
seems like what you got to do
is dial a Weller-gram
and he’ll turn up at your show
quite possibly
get up on the stage and
declare your band
to be a really good band
sharp tunes
incredible shoes
have a glass of sass
with Paolo Hewitt
flirt with brass
and later rue it
wouldn’t it be nice to get home for Neighbours
wouldn’t it be nice to play the Albert Hall for ever

Number 2:

Britain today is a powerhouse of
integrity in public office
high standards in miniskirts
from atom power stations
integrity in public breeding
from scholarship
to atom powered miniskirts
and that’s the challenge we’ve got to meet

(though strictly speaking, that’s what’s left of a sample, not a lyric)

There’s a beer for anyone who can get those, even if you use google. Hell, its hard enough, I’ll offer two beers for each. And I know that some of you have these tunes, coz I gave you them.

And feel free to post your own hardest lyrics ever!

12 thoughts on “The incredibly hard lyrics quiz”

    1. Get on with it then.

      I would, expect my obscurest tunes are at home. Also, I occasionally have to do some work at work. Damn work.

      1. name that tune

        i got distracted by work too.
        here’s something from one of my favourite House CDs…

        Monday night we used to go over to this little thing called Pepper
        at a place called Don’s Different Ducks, it was a sketchy little dive
        But it was always going on at that time in those days

        Tuesday night, we used to get down at Together in the Basement of Big Heart City
        It was a tacky little place but Kato the host was from outer space
        And in the backroom they had the most beautiful lights
        So, like the music was pumpin’ and it was so pretty , everyone used to go down there in those days

    1. No, why?

      Right now, I’m planning on going absolutely nowhere and getting this economics diploma finished, then building a house. Although I might go as far as Arthurs Pass in August.

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