While we’re on the subject, I’d just like to point to the Tatra T87 as one of the most fantastic cars ever.

built at a time when British cars looked like:

The tale of crossing the US in one.

The Czechs were fantastic engineers in the 1930s, half the British weapons in WWII were designed over there. Rather a shame Czechoslovakia promptly got stomped on by the Nazis and then Soviet Russia. Still, Tatra did end up making something that’s cool for entirely different reasons:

3 thoughts on “Tatras”

  1. I thought to myself ‘nice fin, but what does the front look like?’

    So I went to the link and found for most of 3 chapters only side/back shots [that fin, its pretty cool]

    Then, finally a front shot – the thing has THREE EYES!

    [Its awesome]

  2. That car is amazing , a vision of the future in car design – you didint really see fins like that untill the 1940s in america . Much like the Citroen Ds really . That thing honestly was years ahead of its time as well .

    Which all reminds me of farnsworth house really…

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