On a mission

That was the most fun I’ve had for far too long. The ingredients being:

  • brightly coloured objects moving rapidly
  • jumping in the sea
  • more jumping in the sea
  • tissu outdoors – ooh, view and a breeze
  • tinfoil hats
  • being north of Tawa for the first time in months
  • f&c shops with fish in tanks, “tropical fish”
  • the arse-kicking competition, followed by the misuse of a large roll of sellotape
  • earplugs
  • acrobalancing twins
  • diabolo taken to a new level, then several more levels up
  • Jenny’s slow fire poi
  • Lou’s staunchness of partying
  • Pipi’s stories
  • Andrea’s pitching
  • guy from circoarts doing a toehang from a streetlight, above tarmac
  • five of us making the dragon with three legs, and winning prizes!!!
  • being terrified that distracted 6-year olds were going to kill themselves
  • shopping, but only for much-needed unicycle parts
  • dinner with beach and sunset

No photos, as we were having too much fun. Just use your imagination.

6 thoughts on “On a mission”

    1. Re: my god!

      Mission to Raglan for the juggling festival, which included approximately twenty seconds of me juggling three balls, and then a whole bunch of rather more fun things, with fun people, in a fun place.

      Though I realised something – some people are born performers1, I am a born policy analyst.

      1 – and most of them were at the festival

      1. Re: my god!


        Ahh yes. I have had similar type realisations. The key one though, I think, is that if you have fun doing those things, you should keep on doing them, just don’t sweat the actual performing so much.

        For me it was climbing. Seeing people there was no way in hell I would ever be as good as, no matter how hard I trained. But, you know, I do get a lot of joy from climbing, so I’ll keep humming along, even if, somewhere deep inside, I know I kinda suck.

        Also, if you really enjoy analysing policy, well there’s a great place for you to be. Be all the policy analyst you can be. As it were.

        1. Re: my god!

          I do aerials for me, not for people watching, which avoids finding myself doing a toehang five metres up above tarmac.

          I do policy analysis for many reasons, but mainly to save the world. As one does.

          Performers are fun for festivals. I reckon they’d make crap flatmates.

          1. Re: my god!

            ditto for burning man types.

            but, you know, as long as you’re not forced to share a tent with them.. they are very entertaining. It makes for an excellent time.

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