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Feed your brain:

Tomorrow, “Small Brains, Smart Minds”, honeybee vision and thinking, free, 6 pm, LT1, the lecture theatres in the courtyard at the back of the Government Buildings/Law School Buildings/whatever the official name for them is.
“Insects cope remarkably well with their world despite possessing a brain that carries fewer than 0.01% as many neurons as ours does.”

Tomorrow, Robert Fisk, already booked out. Darn.

Ronald Wright, this thursday, not free:
History is the story of civilisations destroying themselves. – like Jared Diamond, but far more concise.

Climate Change and Us Forum, Monday 27 March 2006 at 7 – 9 pm, Te Papa. Entry free but limited places coz it will be full, apply for your ticket by 20 March. (Its the public part of, which costs lots of money to go to.) If you go to one, go to this one.

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