Ahh, s0d it

Any of these would help today:
All the hammers in the world
though there’s at least two kinds that they don’t have: toffee hammers1 and non-sparking beryllium-copper hammers2. Are there any other kinds of hammers that they are missing out on?

1 – These are not made of toffee, but are a specified design, according to the UK Ministry of Transport.
2 – I think people might use brass hammers instead. Can anyone who works in explosive gases please clarify?

6 thoughts on “Ahh, s0d it”

    1. That’s possibly the exact opposite of a toffee hammer.

      Oh, and trust you to be the expert on NZ farming hammers. Are there special ones for the nails that hold the shoes onto sheep’s hoofs or for decarapacing the South Island Giant Wetas?

    1. Re: here’s one you missed

      You know, I was tempted to make all the “Hammer Time” jokes. But I resisted the evil influence. Glad to see that you’re going with the evil flow there.

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