On not being pointlessly rude, for once

On Sunday, of course, The church rock band were practising in the room next to us in Te Whaea, where we were practising aerials. As I walked out, I saw that they have perspex screens around the drummer, I dunno, maybe he hasn’t learned to play quietly. I wanted to walk in there and say:

“drummer in a cage! thats *so* metal!!!”


But I didn’t. Should I have?

And aerials class last night had no shouty tutor but went hard and not just coz half of Les Arts Saut were watching.

2 thoughts on “On not being pointlessly rude, for once”

    1. Hmm… I don’t want to go around simply offending people. I want to change how they behave. And people generally have already developed means to dismiss the importance of whatever they find offensive.

      I dunno, if I overtake a traffic jam on my bike, while laughing manically and flipping off all the cagers, is that going to make them:

      a) question their chosen mode of transport?
      b) think all cyclists are immature children who should grow up and get a proper motor car?

      Although, thoughts like this are a shame, coz overtaking stationary cars whilst laughing manicly is a rather fun way to spend one’s time, as well as being good for both ones finances, time management and sexiness of arse.

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