Helen Clark on peak oil, yesturday in Parliament

“I am of the view that New Zealand needs to think a lot more boldly about issues of moving beyond being an oil-dependent economy. I am aware of other economies, like Sweden, which are looking at how to eliminate the use of oil in their economies within the next 20 years. I think we could well learn a great deal from others who are exploring those possibilities.”


17 thoughts on “Helen Clark on peak oil, yesturday in Parliament”

          1. (you might want to sit down before reading this)

            I’m not actually the centre of the universe and prime cause for all. Some things happen without my express control. This is good, for without that, there would be no free will. And also, it would be very boring for me without a few surprises in my dominion.

            I realise that this may have shaken your faith to the core, but this is just one of many challenges that I set you, for my own inscrutable and frankly callous reasons.

          2. it is LUCKY that i was sitting down.

            i just don’t know how i can cope with this revelation, it shakes my entire worldview. i’m going to have to think about this carefully.

          3. Re: sure!

            No, it was the worryingly enjoyable feeling of power, self-delusion and impending sacrifice of others.

            Though you do have great kitteneyes.

            How are the tunes?
            And, have you read Linda Nagata’s “Vast” and “Deception Well”? Coz its all about that.

          4. Re: sure!

            well i will continue to believe in the power of kitteneyes, you can’t shake That.

            Haven’t had a chance to play the tunes, as I mentioned at the time, I don’t think the pc has dvd capabilities [it’s only a 6gb baby after all] and i will have to wait till i have a proper pooter…and then i will be rewarded with great music.

            Haven’t read them but I have noted the books, going to rumage at the library. huzzah for new books!

            also I have two you might like- lucifer’sDragon and redRobe.
            please ignore the wan,ky interCaps- they were written in 2000 when they were compulsory for Hip CyperPunk writers.

          5. Re: sure!

            Indeed. The chance of the two of us agreeing on anything at all ever is so astoundingly low that this book is a requirement.

            Of course, we could be just ganging up on you to mock you by making you read the worst book in the world, but that’s a chance you’ll just have to take.

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