Stepping boldy into the breach

left by notabouthim, here’s this morning’s offerings:

Cute animals in casts
[Edit – fixed]

Biscuit city, courtesy of one of the best websites in the whole English-speaking world.

But I’ll not be doing this everyday, unlike that Si person, as there’s just not enough hours in the day.

Oh, and my pathetic quest for external validation continues:
ECON 334 UG Feminist Economics A+

6 thoughts on “Stepping boldy into the breach”

      1. Re: biscuit city?

        comment = 2 seconds (and can be done with brain off)
        post = half an hour (on an awesome fast day) up to, ohh, 4 hours? maybe more? (and requires full brain action)

  1. Woot for your ability to bullshit your way through feminist economics.

    Oh. That probably didn’t sound quite like validation.

    Hang on.

    Yay you! Well done!

    Essays are hard, especially when the subject causes conflicting opinions to clash within oneself.


    Ah, I give up.

    A+! Wow! *squee*

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