Hurrah for the NBR!

Heavenly Burlesque gets slagged by the National Business Review. Who’d have thought that it’d be really not their kind of thing?

laughed about Valerie’s fake american accent, what with Valerie coming from Denver. Maybe Colorado isn’t part of the US after all? I mean, they are dangerously liberal there.

1 thought on “Hurrah for the NBR!”

  1. And here’s me also thinking that the other “fake” american accent was because she was from upstate New York. I’m gonna tell those two to stop putting it on and start talking kiwi like normal people. Gosh, you don’t actually think we might have some American immigrants in this country do you, or that they might even … do performances???

    On a different note – methinks it is better not to link to the article. It only makes it rank higher with google, and then the nbr think they’re poplar …

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