That was the best weekend I’ve had for quite a while

tieke & Valerie did their thing at Fringe Review: Heavenly Burlesque:
“Incentua Consulting managed to be simultaneously funny, skilful and very sexy.” Indeed they did.


And Rob was in fourth place until… well, bother.

Another ride, up at Makara, then flying kites in the park, then Alice & Fergus’ wedding at the Paramount. It was the best wedding I’ve ever been to. All weddings should include a Mexican wave and the ceremonial making of cups of tea and vows.

2 thoughts on “That was the best weekend I’ve had for quite a while”

    1. Yup. Maybe 2-300 people, both partners have been part of Wellington’s theatre/dance/circus/performance scene for decades, so they know People. Pretty huge do, and so much love there. Damn near everyone, inc. me, cried the whole way though.

      Also, my seat broke.

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