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    1. Something indeed:

      “Satisfied with her deception, Jez carefully applies a fresh layer of lipstick. The deep scarlet hue reminds her of cherries, a schoolgirl’s forbidden fruit.”

      “Jez carefully tiptoed out of her room and down the hallway so that her parents would not hear the creaking of the floorboards… then came the tricky part. …”

      “Garbed In a black body suit that seemed to fade into The background of The dimly lit room, Jez carefully fixed her long hair into a tight braid and then”

      “Jez carefully placed the bracelet in a pouch on her belt on her bed then buckled the belt around her waist. “Good thing my knight master’s colors are gold”

      “Jez carefully hid her thoughts from them, keeping her face in a vengeful frown. God, I hope they bought that” – from piratesnelves!

      Jez seems to be a feisty young seductress in bad fanfic. But we all knew that.

      Hmm… Google Labs doesn’t yet do a Google Adjectives. But it so should.

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