Heavenly Burlesque

I’ll be going on the friday the 17th, as is only doing her act* on the 17th & 18th. Who else is up for it? There’s also Hexstatic at the lagoon that night, starting 8.30, but the Burlesque doesn’t start till 9.30, so might catch a bit of that before.

Am not going on the 18th, coz that’s Karapoti day, so that evening I will be dead.

Further info at http://www.paramount.co.nz/coming_soon.htm, scroll down, or see the flyers with naked people on them.

* – The act is Bureaucrats exploring their wild side. Its autobiographical, I think.

9 thoughts on “Heavenly Burlesque

      1. me, tom has been asked to do some filming of the show, so i’ll have to ask him if he needs a ticket purchased….. and i don’t feel like organising anyone else, they can sort it out themselves.

  1. Courtesy of the British Council:

    The British Council are kind of like your odd uncle, who wears tweed and seems to live entirely in the past, but then you find out that he does all sorts of fantastically cool stuff, and tells nobody about it.

    But they’re in Wellington as part of the Fringe, Feb 16th at the Lagoon on the waterfront. For free. Nyah!

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