I have done seven exercise things in the last five days! Aerials twice! Bike rides twice! Aikido three times! Now I am hyper! This is good me! And annoying for you!

Woo! Yay! I have no patience with anyone going slower than me! Which is everyone! Andrea is about to punch me!

I washed my bike helmet in the shower! I have stupid deadlines at work and don’t care! I have a million (12) books to read and can’t sit down! I am not studying and my brain is rotting! I am super-buff! Its inconvenient! I have just eaten curry! I am still hungry! I will eat all the food in the world! I have washed clothing! I am going to run in circles for no reason at all! I am zzzzzzzzzzz…………

4 thoughts on “I AM ANNOYINGLY HYPER!”

  1. you’d hate me so much right now…… i’m very slooooowwwww and wrapped up in cotton wool [i made sure and didn’t tell the nice lady who sold me the pseudoephedrine that i’m a chemist]

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