Woot! Exam is done, and I’m never going to study ever again, until the end of the world*.

So now its time to lay in the sun and do sod all. Except, first I just have to:

  • Get some miles in my legs
  • Try to remember how to do aikido
  • Get butterfly roll-downs absolutely nailed
  • Cook for the flat occasionally
  • Socialise
  • Read far too many books
  • Teeth
  • Sorting out assorted van things
  • Mend suspension on the bouncy bike
  • Get my citizenship application in
  • Catch up on Firefly and then see Serenity

I think we can conclude from this that I am crap at laying in the sun.

* The world will end on december the 5th, when my feminist economics course kicks in. Sorry about that, everyone, hope you hadn’t got anything planned.

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  1. i don’t know.. i thought you looked just fine laying about in the sun. . . *looks somewhat puzzled*…

    so feminist ecomonics…. err how is that going to differ from other ecomonics one wonders… *looks even more puzzled*…

    1. Feminists buy more bras because of the bra-burning thing.

      They considered branching into undies too but apparently it wasn’t econo-principally viable.

      1. Normal economics – if you don’t pay for it, it doesn’t exist.
        Feminist economics – hey, look at all the things women don’t get paid to do! so men are bad, mmmkay?

        And similarly:
        Green economics – money grows on trees, so let’s all hug them
        Neo-classical economics – isn’t New Zealand doing so well! (Don’t mention Australia)
        Monetarism – isn’t the UK doing well now that they’ve got rid of all that pesky manufacturing
        Trickle-down economics – isn’t the US doing well, except for the poor people
        Experimental economics – hey, everything economists think is wrong. Don’t tell them, they’ll only get upset
        Post-autistic economics – quiet, we’ve nearly got the economist out from under his bed, so don’t scare him

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