At least two Kiwis have come to their senses

For those of you awaiting with bated breath, Jack & Heather will be back at the start of November.

*looks at list of stuff to do today*

7 thoughts on “At least two Kiwis have come to their senses”

    1. Yeah, a random friend in london dragged off to a party in Cambridge, at some friends of mine, who just happened to be J&H. I didn’t know that you all knew them.

      Small world, though takes a while to fly across.

      1. ive known jack since i was 6, heather and suraya for years and years…
        jack used to beat me up and dump me in his folks fishpond. 🙂
        i get to meet their offspring!!


        1. No, you’re supposed to find them in Europe, and then drag their highly-productive and excessively qualified arse back here.

          And voila! Economic growth!

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