There’s probably a word for it

When a bad thing happens, but later events render said bad thing irrelevant before it has the chance to do any damage. What’s the word for that then?

Case in point – I left my gi on the washing line, hence it is now soaked and I was wandering what I could scrape together for aikido this eve. But! I now have all the work in the world, which will take until forever, so no wet-gi-concerns for me.

Or, I could just be trying to convince myself that having all the work in the world to be done by tomorrow is a good thing.

4 thoughts on “There’s probably a word for it”

  1. I believe ‘tinarse’ may fit the first paragraph.

    The second paragraph, I think ‘patheticexcuse’ is closer.

    I can’t talk though, I’m contemplating flagging our 45 minute session in favour of looking at freaking houses.

  2. I’m agreeing on tinarse – the euphamism for serendipitous occurrences that come out of complete bollocks.
    Putting your washing on the line makes the rain come. I did all the washing in the world yesterday, put it on the line and it bucketted down. It’s done this the past three times, so I’m thinking that it’s some kind of clothing related rain-dance…

    1. Damn, it was you, wasn’t it!

      Can you stop doing it while I’m trying to get my washing done, then start again when the hydro lakes get a bit empty? Cheers.

      1. Nop! No washing for anyone! Bwahahahahahahaaaa! (It’s part of my cunning plan to take over the world with a monopoly on pants. If everyone’s pants are on the line then they can’t go out in public and the entire world will grind to a halt because the only person with pants will be MEEEEEE and the world will be MINE because nobody will leave their houses to stop me taking over because they will be far too modest to leave the house without pants! Bwahahahahahaha!!!!)

        Or something…

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