I have wood

Five hours aikido, two hours aerials, an hour on the bike, makes for happy me. And near-comatose me as well.

We have all the wood in the world. Rolled up to the section, where about a quarter of the big macrocarpa from the Very Serious Tree Climbing has been cut into beams. Beams forty centimetres by twenty centimetres, seven metres long. That’s big lumps of wood, many of them. And there’s still more, so much more to come.

And then there’s just big random slabs, big chunks, big rounds, wood, wood and more wood. So if anyone wants some picnic tables, desks, shelves of doom, gimp storage, anything, then come see us.

Oh, we have so much wood.

8 thoughts on “I have wood”

    1. i think all of us need doomshelves.

      i have given up on ever cutting back on my book purchasing habits so now I am looking Very Seriously at some of my books and thinking “i don’t really need YOU”

      1. I can recomend my patented method for cutting down on book storage habits without actually cutting down on book purchasing – eBooks. If you can stand reading them from a screen (I use a little Toshiba PDA for it…) it’s so much easier to store & cart them around.

        Of course – you do miss the feel of a good book in the hand, and you can’t treally read them while soaking in the bath. But, those drawbacks aside, it’s working out pretty well for me.

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